Nutrients as Fat Burners

You can see a lot of people running behind fat burners available in the market. The important thing they do not know is some nutrients present in food are very good fat burning agents and you can easily lose some pounds if you just take care of your diet.

You can have sufficient amounts of food but you just have to choose the food items that you eat wisely and by devoting sometime to proper exercises, you can easily burn your body fat without using the products available in market. It is done by conditioning your body so that it burns fat instead of storing it.

There are many essential nutrients that can improve the metabolism of fat and when your diet lacks these nutrients, your body starts storing fat instead of burning it. One such nutrient is vitamin D. It is a very good fat burner as it decreases the parathyroid hormone in the body which stimulates storage of fat instead of burning it. Lack of vitamin D makes you feel hungry and your diet increases which later results in storage of more fat.

Calcium is also a very important factor associated with burning fat. With vitamin D, it becomes a better fat burner. It is present in the fat cells and prevents the fat in the cells from getting absorbed by the blood. Vitamin B1 also aids in metabolism of body fat. Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin and enhances the fat burning process of the body. All citrus fruits have a very high content of vitamin C. Green chilly is also a very good fat burner as it is rich in vitamin C.

Protein also helps you in getting rid of body fat. It suppresses your hunger and keeps you energetic. It also maintains the muscle to fat ratio, thereby, keeping the body fat under control. Omega-3 fatty acids also help in metabolism of fat and are considered as very good fat burners. They stimulate the enzymes that are responsible for burning fat inside the cells. They also suppress hunger and prevent increase in your diet.

Research has shown that monounsaturated fatty acids increase the burning of fat by about 0.05 per cent. Apart from being very good fat burners, they also lower your appetite. A recent study in Japan has shown that metabolism of fat can be enhanced by about 17 per cent by increasing the amount of polyphenols in food. Green tea is a very good source of polyphenols. Green tea also suppresses your appetite and is a fat burner as well. Regular consumption of green tea readily burns the fat taken with food.

The natural sources of these nutrients have no side-effects. So it is totally harmless to make them a part of your diet. The richest sources of these nutrients are fruits and vegetables. In order to enhance fat metabolism, one must consume natural foods like fruits and boiled vegetables instead of processed foods like burgers and pizzas. Fiber rich foods like apples and cabbages are also good fat burners.

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