Can I take slimming pills?

How many of us have thought of this question? – We are just ready to do anything to shed those extra pounds of weight we have so carelessly put on. I asked this question and I am so happy that I did because it led me to do a lot of reading and understanding of this whole process of weight gain and weight loss. I am only happy that I took the right decision of using slimming pills to help me out and I can proudly say I have not failed! So, I am writing this for anybody who as a bit of doubt or skepticism – be brave and try slimming pills and get ready to see a slimmer you in the mirror.

Did I talk to my family physician?
Yes, I did and my physician was very happy that I trusted her and took her advice before plunging into it. I told her that I was planning to take these slimming pills because of being overweight and asked her if I could go ahead. She explained what these pills would do to me, and told me to take care of not getting pregnant – so I ensured I waited for my second baby until I really lost the weight that I wanted to. So, that’s one point that I would like to make, if you are pregnant or trying to conceive wait until you are clear to go. My doctor did mention that she did not t see any risk for breast feeding moms though.

What dosage do I need to take?
So, once the decision is made, there are only more questions that follow. So, in my case, I went to the next phase of asking how much and how often. So when I looked at how many slimming pills I actually needed, I realized that just like any other medication I needed to take 3 times a day, and my doctor suggested that I could take two pills in one go to start off with and may be after a week or so reduce it to one. However, I was in no hurry and just did one tablet thrice a day to start off with.

Until when do I go on?
This is a very personal question and I cannot answer it for you – however I can give you pointers that will help you take a decision. I took out a paper and wrote down my weight before I started, then put a mark and said this is the figure I like to see on the weighing scale and then tracked it down to the last decimal. So, I wanted to lose some pounds and until I didn’t see me getting to my target I took the slimming pills very diligently. The day I got there, I stopped, but I still follow my strict diet and exercises just to ensure I don’t get there again.

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