Slimming Pills, Diet and Exercise

Many people are worried about weight gain these days mainly because it is not healthy. It not only leads to poor body shape but poor state of mind too. People whose weight is 20% more than the standard come fall in the category of obese. Obesity requires treatment since it is termed as a disease. Slimming pills can come as a rescue to obese people.

Many people are willing to lose weight but are under the wrong impression that chemicals in the slimming pills will cause side effects. To them it is recommended that they must try herbals pills. Herbal pills are made up of natural ingredients that are effective in triggering weight loss. The natural ingredients curbs appetite and give boost to the metabolism. One must check the ingredient list before buying the medicine.

Some herbal ingredients that are used in slimming pills are listed below.

Guarana: It enhances the metabolism of the body and that in turn enhances the fat reduction process in the body. However, excessive doses should be avoided as it affects the nervous system.

Hoodia: It suppresses hunger in the body thus negating the entry of extra calories into the body. It is widely used in composition of drugs by manufacturers.

Fucoxanthin: It has anti-oxidant properties in it. It is effective in reducing fat content in the body real fast. It must not be taken without the recommendation of a doctor since its overuse may be harmful.

Any type of slimming pill must be consumed after consultation with a doctor. He will ascertain your medical condition and prescribe drug accordingly.

Many researches and studies have been conducted in the past to establish relation between the use of slimming pills and weight loss. A National Institute of Health backed study, which is deemed the best conducted so far in, established the importance of healthy habits while taking slimming supplements. The study was published in The New England Journal of Medicine. The study concludes that eating habits must be modified if good results are to be achieved from weight loss drugs. Psychologist Thomas Wadden, University of Pennsylvania, who led this study advises people to modify their eating habits. Exercising and adoption of good eating habits are necessary.

Obesity expert at Washington University, Dr. Samual Klein, says that the study establishes the significance to combining drug therapy and exercising in obese patients otherwise one will end up exposing oneself to risks, pay for the medication and yet not receive benefits. Dr. Susan Yanovski of the National Institute of Health says that the medicines countering obesity must be properly scrutinized for safety as the non-obese people tend to misuse them.

The effectiveness of slimming pills increases when combined with regular exercising. M. D. of the Nutrition and Weight Management Center, Boston, Caroline Apovian suggests that the diet drugs are effective only with a change in the lifestyle. The importance of exercising and good eating habits cannot be negated since it is been concluded repeatedly with numerous studies and researches.

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