Weight Loss Pills: How to choose the best one for you?

Obesity is a condition that has evolved into a global threat and is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths worldwide. The numbers are so serious that the American Medical Association has, in 2013, finally recognized it as a disease. One of the easiest ways to reduce those fatal extra pounds is treatment with weight loss pills. But that is where the easy part ends. With truckloads of varieties of slimming pills pouring into the market, it is quite a task to find the best out there.

Here are a few tips to avoid the phonies:

Sensational Advertisements:
While advertising your product is a good thing, many manufacturers use these to unethically promote their products. From using celebrity endorsements to even raking up statistics made in their favor, they use a variety of tactics to attract the consumer ‘you’. The best way forward in this context is to generally steer clear of the products which claim to have miraculous effects.

Over-Hyped Ingredients:
Many manufacturers use certain ingredients to rake up preference in their favor. Many claim to use an exotic ingredient to show off their product, while the majority of their pills are made with something completely different.

Free Trials:
It’s best to avoid free trials of weight loss pills. One needs to make sure that the product is absolutely safe. Most people are attracted by the fact that they are available for free. However it’s best to be extremely cautious while taking them and avoid them as much as possible.

Another important factor to consider is whether to have the prescription pills or go for the over-the–counter ones. One of the major advantages of the prescription weight loss pills over the over-the-counter ones is that the prescription pills have scientifically proven results. This means, if the drug claims to protect you from the effects of 30% of the dietary fats, it truly does that. However this does not mean that they are free from side effects. They may sometimes have the same or even more or less side effects than the pills available in the market. Many of them have become recently FDA approved. Latest news by CNN suggests that FDA has recently approved Belviq, an oral medication pill for weight loss. It had been held up by FDA for almost a year after approvals because of reviews regarding its safety.

On the other hand the over-the–counter pills are not that safe. They are generally never backed by scientifically proven proofs. Most often, they might even have dangerous ingredients which can cause serious side effects. Lack of proven results is a serious deterrent to the use of these weight loss pills.

Another serious concern is that just because the product-label says ‘made from natural products’ or ‘herbal product’, it would never mean it is safe. Until recently Ephedra or ma huang was considered one of the best weight loss pills due to its great fat burning properties. That belief lasted only till the FDA found out that they were in fact seriously harmful to the nervous system and the heart, and even had presumably been the cause of several deaths.

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